1. Helping Providers Significantly Improve Their Revenue

    “Obtaining payment from patients is a big challenge for the vast majority of medical practices we work with, particularly for balances owed after 3rd party insurance adjudication. As a medical billing service, we see firsthand how Liquid Payments is helping providers significantly improve their revenue, reduce write offs, and virtually eliminate third-party collections costs. The auto-charge and…Read More

    Richard Tavares
  2. A Real Game-Changer

    “Liquid Payments has been a real game-changer for our Practice. We have drastically improved the timeliness of patient payments and overall collections. Bottom line, we’re collecting more efficiently on the front end and cutting costs in the process. In fact, the elimination of paper statements alone will save us thousands of dollars annually.” “Additionally, I am always mindful of the imp…Read More

    Dr. Shahnaz Fatteh, M.D.