A Real Game-Changer

“Liquid Payments has been a real game-changer for our Practice. We have drastically improved the timeliness of patient payments and overall collections. Bottom line, we’re collecting more efficiently on the front end and cutting costs in the process. In fact, the elimination of paper statements alone will save us thousands of dollars annually.”

“Additionally, I am always mindful of the impact new solutions or processes may have on staff, workflow, and the patient experience. With Liquid Payments; however, the branded, easy-to-use Provider Portal and first-class customer service enabled my team to be up and running quickly and seamlessly. We were initiating patient payments within 24 hours. We have ultimately increased patient satisfaction with more convenient payment options and alerts provided through SMS/text messaging.”

Asthma, Allergy Care Center of Florida

Dr. Shahnaz Fatteh, M.D.