In the world of healthcare, payment processing is riddled with heavy “friction.” Many providers struggle with patient billing and collections efforts, and current paper statement processes are sluggish and costly. The older a receivable becomes, the less likely it will be collected. Given the trend towards higher deductible plans, patient-to-provider payments will only continue to grow. The good news is, providers now have a way to take greater control over patient payments!

At Liquid Payments, we’ve developed a better way, and we’ve put 40 years of combined experience to work making that happen.

Our state-of-the-art web platform is designed to provide instantaneous patient-to-provider payments. This system is fully HIPAA and PCI compliant. Using it, you can easily set up recurring payment plans and automatic credit/debit card charges, which improves cash flow and revenue. No more systems involving unwieldy paper documents, and no more time and resources wasted on collections efforts. Instead, managing payments is fast and easy, which prevents your staff from getting bogged down in endless paperwork.

Better yet, our system is fully web-based, so there’s no software you need to purchase, license or maintain. Additionally, there are no charges for merchant underwriting or extra fees. For your patients, usage is fast and convenient, and satisfaction levels will only skyrocket. Let Liquid Payments improve your revenue, efficiency, and make your professional life easier. For more information or to get started, contact us today at