Optometrists moving to telemedicine need a flexible patient payments system

Optometrists moving to telemedicine need a flexible patient payments system

The pandemic has forced doctors of optometry everywhere to make changes to their practice, from canceling non-emergency visits to introducing telemedicine in their clinics. They were also being forced to cut back on staff and consolidate offices. It was a time of financial stress, especially relative to patient payments.

In trying to deal with reduced staff as well as be more creative in serving their patients, optometrists began rolling out various types of virtual care, doing their part to reduce the burden on healthcare professionals and patients alike, as well as minimize the risk of virus exposure in the community.

Handling emergencies, of course, is still the top priority, including cases related to COVID-19; however, often times, these cases can be treated via telemedicine, a trend which continues to evolve. Jennifer Gould, OD, MS, FAAO, and chief of advanced services at New York’s University Eye Center, said “As we expand our virtual visits in the coming weeks, we will be able to offer high-quality care in areas such as glaucoma, dry eye, myopia control management and vision therapy.”

As optometry practices expand into telemedicine and telehealth, financial accounting systems must keep pace, especially optometrist patient payments software and solutions. That’s where Liquid Payments can help.

A patient payment system for optometrists: in-office and remote care

As telemedicine adds a unique type of care to the field of Optometry, it also adds a unique challenge to patient payments. Liquid Payments answers that challenge with a modern, end-to-end patient payments software solution that handles all types of patient care. More and more ODs are turning to Liquid Payments for:

  • Contactless payments – Safer, convenient touchless and remote payment options
  • Processing payments using modern device technology – Wi-Fi, wireless payment terminals for in-person payments and smartphone/ smart device for remote payments
  • Increasing revenue – Our system facilitates betterfaster, easier collection of balances due
  • Improving cash flow and A/R cycles – Secure card-on-file and text-to-pay options speeds payments
  • Improving operational efficiency and reducing costs – Mobile-based platform leverages automation for collections and posting
  • Better managing recurring billing plans — Robust functionality and flexibility
  • Resulting in more satisfied patients – Quick and contactless payments; enables the use of mobile/smart devices for added convenience

The contactless payment functionality is extremely robust. Email or text-to-pay payment prompts can be sent to patients whether they are six miles away, six feet away in the office, or in the parking lot, with no contact needed and no exchange of cards.

Aside from these robust features and functions, this state-of-the-art technology leverages Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) to automate immediate posting of payments into any EMR or practice management system, as well as the retrieval of balances due to send patients a mobile statement, via text or email, with an actionable payment link.

A system that gives optometrists a payments collections advantage

Virtual eye exams are trending among ODs these days with redness and vision checks, as well as prescriptions being handled remotely. In doing so, it makes sense that a patient payment system and optometry billing software should also work remotely to enable efficient, convenient payments processing for these services. Liquid Payments provides that capability.

It’s modern, mobile payments technology is fast, contactless, paperless, automated, and integrated. It handles remote payments and in-office payments with ease. It is PCI and HIPPA-compliant. It improves patient communications and facilitates easy-to-make payments for more patient convenience. Patients love the simplicity and mobile options.

Additionally, it’s easy to implement, and with minimal training, the system is up and running in no time. Providers can look forward to operational efficiencies, improved cash flow, increased revenue, and lower costs of collections with this practice pay solution.

Optometry providers with the Liquid platform in place are well-positioned for a brighter future. If you are interested in a live demo of our solution, please contact us.


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