Liquid Payments offers mobile-based patient payments platform to Telehealth providers FOR FREE during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis

Liquid Payments offers mobile-based patient payments platform to Telehealth providers FOR FREE during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis

Given the unprecedented events in recent years, our main priority is to support and best serve the evolving needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

Liquid Payments is proud to play a small role in helping providers and patients through the COVID-19 pandemic. In doing so, we are now offering our patient payments platform, inclusive of the “TeleCharge” feature, FREE for 90 days. This enables providers to offer telehealth/telemedicine with a convenient, friction less payment experience so they can focus on patient care.

If you are providing telehealth services – or just getting set up to do so – Liquid Payments can help!

Telehealth quickly became the new standard in patient care, particularly with government officials urging healthcare providers to offer virtual encounters, and given CMS is now paying clinicians to provide telemedicine services for Medicare beneficiaries.

Designed for providers like you, the Liquid Payments platform enables faster and easier collection of patient payments. The solution includes a special “TeleCharge,” instant, mobile payment option, which is initiated at the time of a remote encounter. Through Liquid Payments’ “TeleCharge,” you and your patients can have an easier, simplified option for virtual visits.

The “TeleCharge” feature can be invoked immediately, on the fly, with one click of a button, taking all the friction and uncertainty out of the payment process.

Liquid Payments offers you other key benefits too: 

The Liquid PCI and HIPAA compliant payment-card capture, along with SMS technology, allows you to:

  • auto-charge patient balances owed
  • set up automatic recurring billing plans
  • send configurable text messaging with embedded payment links to collect balances due
  • initiate the “Liquid EOB” – a summary mobile statement with actionable payment option

By digitalizing payments, Liquid Payments:

  • reduces the cost of collections
  • eliminates patient statements
  • automatically posts in to any EMR/practice management system
  • improves cash flow
  • results in increased revenue and decreased write-offs

Plus, your patient experience is enhanced:

  • patient convenience
  • patient engagement

The bottom line? We help you provide virtual care without worry over payments. Your telehealth patients enjoy simple, convenient payment options and better communication, enabling you to provide continuity of care and continue to serve your patients throughout this unsettling time.

Now is the time. For more information on Liquid Payments and how to sign up as a telehealth provider, schedule a demo and get started for FREE!


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