A Robust, Contactless Patient Payments Solution That Fits Your Telehealth Service

A Robust, Contactless Patient Payments Solution That Fits Your Telehealth Service

As the COVID-19 pandemic drove increased demand and expanded access to telemedicine, there is now a growing need for healthcare practices to adapt to a new business model. This can be very challenging in any industry, especially one as vital and complex as healthcare.

How do you transition overnight from a traditional practice and leap into an entirely virtual space while maintaining your standard level of care and operations?

Many healthcare providers who did not have telehealth services prior to the pandemic had to quickly scramble and better position themselves for the future, “new normal” of virtual care. There are numerous telehealth platforms offering remote care capabilities; however, a mission-critical, often overlooked component is the contactless collection of patient payments. For providers new to the telemedicine space, selecting and implementing a healthcare payments technology can be time consuming and overwhelming, including training your staff on a new tool, installing the right software, incorporating the process into your workflow, etc.

Frictionless payments integration with your existing practice management system is key.

Many telemedicine platforms are limited when it comes to advanced patient payment processing capabilities. Now more than ever, healthcare practices need an easy-to-implement, contactless payment solution to safely capture deserved patient revenue and increase operational efficiencies by seamlessly integrating with any existing EMR/EHR system.

Liquid Payments, Inc., an industry leader in the healthcare payments space, provides telehealth professionals a way to efficiently manage payments for the sudden and urgent increase in telecare patients.

The Liquid Payments platform is an all-in-one, feature-rich patient payments solution, designed for healthcare providers, urgent care/walk-in clinics, multi-specialty health systems, and hospitals.

During the pandemic, Liquid Payments is proudly offering their patient payments platform for FREE to all telehealth providers.

Adopting a healthcare payment system like Liquid Payments goes beyond just processing patient payments. The technology helps providers permanently reduce the cost of collections, eliminate paper statements, improve cash flow, increase revenue, decrease write-offs and lower overhead. This is inclusive of its new TeleCharge feature – patients immediately view charges and make payments right from their mobile device. Our medical pay solutions for healthcare are timeless, improving the overall healthcare experience far beyond the pandemic.

Beyond the COVID-19 environment, the Liquid Payments platform is one of the leading healthcare payment solutions, used by various U.S. healthcare practices who have successfully taken greater control over patient payments!

Telehealth providers looking to simplify their patient payment process

In addition to Liquid Payments’ contactless TeleCharge feature, the platform is unlike any other, offering robust functionality such as text-to-pay, mobile statements, global card tokenization, automatic recurring payment plans, and more, all while integrating seamlessly into any existing EMR or practice management system. By leveraging this technology, paper bills and collections become a thing of the past, and the instantaneous payment features enable real-time management of providers’ receivables, along with patient convenience and transparency. This simplifies the move to virtual encounters by making it more manageable for both the patient and provider.

In light of COVID-19, Liquid Payments is doing its part to support the healthcare space, offering our payments solution at NO COST FOR 90 DAYS. Practitioners can keep their EMR/practice management system in place, enable contactless payment collection, and simplify their overall patient payment processes. Our payments technology is seamlessly integrated within days without any disruption to operations. Liquid Payments is your all-in-one telehealth patient payments platform.

Together, we can make the rapid transition into the virtual healthcare space better for all.


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