Liquid Payments is a financial technology innovator “disrupting” the healthcare space. We possess specialized software development skills, including creative, agile design methodologies, scalable and secure deployments, PCI/HIPAA compliance expertise. We have solutions deployed in multiple medical payments sectors including healthcare cost-sharing entities and healthcare practices, and are currently working on various applications of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the industry.

We have deep executive management and development talent and pride ourselves on client partnerships and “listening closely” to the needs of the marketplace as we work to solve problems for better solutions, outcomes, and bottom-line results.

The Liquid Payments patient-to-provider payment solution was created with a simple goal in mind, offering an efficient and easy-to-use web portal to allow providers more control over patient payments. With configurable messaging, providers can easily facilitate patient payments, as well as retain payment methods on file for future collections. It’s all done with technology that’s HIPAA and PCI compliant.

For providers, paper statements become obsolete, the cost of dealing with collection agencies can be eliminated, and setting up auto-charging of payment cards and creating payment plans just became a cinch. For patients, making payments is fast and easy, which improves overall communication and satisfaction.

With over 40 years of combined experience, our dynamic and customer-centric team is ready to transform your practice. Contact us today to learn more about how you can: • Optimize Deserved Revenue • Eliminate collections • Improve cashflow; Accelerate receivables/aging • Eliminate time and costs of paper statements and collections efforts • Offer patients a convenient way to pay through a modern, all-electronic technology platform.