We’re here to support our Healthcare Providers during COVID-19

At Liquid Payments we remain fully committed to helping our healthcare providers any way we can during this time.

As patient care is increasingly shifting to telemedicine, we are proudly offering a quick, simple and touchless payment processing solution for telehealth providers.

Our Liquid Payments solution enables faster and easier collection of patient payments, to include “TeleCharge,” an instant mobile payment option initiated at the time of a remote encounter.

Find out how you can get started today!

At Liquid Payments, we understand COVID-19 has created new and unexpected challenges for your practice. We are doing our part to help take all the friction and uncertainty out of the payment process.

shashi kapur,

CEO, – Liquid Payments

imgIncrease Revenue

Accelerate receivables and improve cash flow through simple and secure card-capture.

imgImprove Patient Satisfaction

Take greater control over patients payments

imgLower Costs

No more time and cost wasted on collections or paper statements.

Achieve financial wellness for your healthcare practice

At Liquid Payments, our easy-to-implement, robust platform handles fast and accurate patient-to-provider payments.

Our PCI and HIPAA compliant payment-card capture, along with SMS (text) communication and real-time reporting, allows providers to:

Initiate Appointment Confirmations with Payment Link

Auto-Charge Patient Balances Owed

Take Patient Payments via Phone

Process In-office Payments with Card Swipe Integration

Set up Automatic Recurring Payment Plans

Generate transaction reports in real time, any time

Eliminate time and costs of paper statements and collection efforts

Provide the instant “TeleCharge’ mobile payment feature to your Telehealth patients